Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carpet Squares-How to Make a Classroom Rug

We get the question a lot on how to make a rug out of carpet squares or tiles. It's really very simple once you have done quite a few of these like we have. Most people think that the only way to use Carpet Squares is to glue them down or use double sided tape. Well obviously that doesn't work well for making a rug so we came up with a way that works super easy, holds the squares together great and won't ruin the floor beneath.

Mr Stickee adhesive pads are a thin sheet of paper material that has adhesive on one side (with a protective barrier that you just peel off to activate the adhesive). You use the tacky portion, which is about 3" by 3" to connect 4 tiles together by using the pad at the connecting point of the 4 corners of the tiles/squares. The bottom side of the pad is smooth so it doesn't hard the floor underneath which is a plus!

The adhesive holds the 4 corners together and you continue the process at every 4 corner junction. You then cut the remaining pads in half and use the half pads on the seams of the squares on the outside perimeter of the rug once you are done. The larger the rug, the stronger the bond is as well.

The Mr. Stickee pads work great and have been a huge success for us because it has made it easy for teachers and other flooring users to use carpet tiles in a new way.

Don't forget we still have the teacher special on carpet tiles going on right now! We are selling assorted (non matching), 24" by 24" new carpet squares for only $1.50 each! You can get 30 squares for just $40 plus shipping (or if you live within driving distance to Dalton, GA, you can just come and pick them up to save money on shipping too!). These tiles are 4 square feet so 30 tiles make a huge 10' by 12' area. That is a great bargain if you need something in the class or daycare for little ones to read on or participate in class time on the floor. Give us a call and ask about the Teacher Special on Oliver Twist Tiles! 1-800-626-6936. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are looking for other Dalton, GA flooring information or other types of floors be sure to give us a call on those too!

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