Monday, July 20, 2009

Carpet Tiles for Classrooms

****Update 7/30/09****** We have Carpet Tiles on sale for Teachers in the Month of August!!!
Please see our recent post discussing this here at Classroom Carpet Tile Sale. We have Carpet tiles for teachers on sale for only $1.50 a TILE!!!!!!!!!!!

I have run into an interesting concept and wanted to pass it along. At, we sell both Kids Classroom rugs as well as Carpet Tiles. It wasn't until recently that a teacher ran an idea across me that it made sense that carpet tiles could be used in lieu of rugs as an inexpensive way for children to have a place to play and read in the classroom.

One obvious way to use the carpet squares and tiles in a class is to group them together using tape to form a large, solid area for reading time or a session to teach a concept. By using just simple double sided tape they hold together well and will hold up to an army of traffic if you use the commercial carpet tiles.

However the concept I had never thought of was her idea. Why put them down with tape? Just let the children help put them out in an area to use and then help to put them back up when the carpet tile rug isn't being used. Even better, when reading or quiet time comes, let the students get their tile out of a stack and use it for their own space for reading or projects and when the student is done, put his/her own tile back up. It's a neat concept! If you use tiles that are 24"x24" they are big enough to do this concept and still light enough for the children to handle. Further more, these tiles can be cheap, very cheap. We sell large single color lots of these for as low as $.89 per foot, but can do them as low as $.50 a foot if you're willing to take an assorted, mix and match (we pick em) selection. That's just $2 a tile! If you have 15 students that is just $30 for tiles that will last for years in your classroom!

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please give us a call at, 1-800-626-6936. Of course we still give great deals on classroom rugs too! was Featured by the NBC Today Show as the #Place in America to buy Floorcovering!

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